Monster Master

Asymmetric FPS vs RTS indie game

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Choose your side

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Pick your side and game genre. FPS team against one RTS player

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Monsters & mutations

Choose your playstyle from a large catalogue of monsters and mutations to grow fear in the hearts of enemies

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Diverse classes

Play as a team with classes that support each other. Fun with friends and strangers

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This is the triumph of horde game modes in multiple games. Set of old and new game modes available

Diverse heroes

Unique heroes and abilities

Loot and build

Loot tools and consumables to rip monsters apart

Unique weapons

Different weapons to suit your playstyle

Choose your monsters

Variety of monsters to take into battle with unique perks

Control the fight

Use the environment and traps to your advantage

Plan your attacks

Ambush the hero team with smart combinations of skills


What is Monster Master about?

It's a PvP, 3v1, FPS vs. RTS where players can choose to play as a Survivor (FPS) or as the Monster Master (RTS).

What platforms is it coming to?

Early Access on Steam, further options (such as consoles) are currently being looked into!

When is the release date?

Pre-alpha on Steam after Kickstarter campaign. Steam Early Access is projected to start December 2021, with an estimated 1.0 release in May 2022.

Where can I get more information about the game?

Join our Discord channel and ask away!